While most people struggle to learn a second language to incorporate into their daily lives, there are some people, like Rosana Saba Clark, who know as many as five languages. Born and raised in Brazil, Rosana Saba Clark’s native tongue is Portuguese. However, her passion for travel and her interest in other cultures and lifestyles opened the doors to new people and new languages. After several years of living in both South America and various places in Europe, Rosana is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

Learning the language of each country she resided in helped shape Rosana’s worldview and made her experiences in foreign countries more meaningful and fulfilling. Learning the lifestyle of other cultures in different countries came easier without a language barrier and her deep understanding of several different cultures is a huge part of who Rosana is today. Her linguistic skills also paved the way for many unexpected encounters that lead to friendships that would have otherwise been impossible to have with a language barrier.

Rosana currently lives in the United States with her husband of eleven years. After living in California for seven years, her life as a realtor in Florida is comforting and the state’s diverse population allow her to converse in other languages, keeping her skills sharp.

“Of all the places I’ve traveled to, I’ve been the happiest in the United States,” she said. “There are so many opportunities here and I am proud to be an American citizen.”

 When she is not working or spending time with her husband, Rosana is a private tutor in Portuguese. Although Rosana has covered most of the globe in her travels, she has yet to visit both Hawaii and Bali. Rosana plans to make a trip to these scenic places in the near future.


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